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Every single word

With God

11/14/09 11:27 pm

i want to take koro out for a walk
koro and i will capture everything
everything lovely
everything nice
every thing created by His beautiful hands

but exams are weighing me down
koro is getting tired of being in that same spot
i am tired of being in my same spot

things run through my head
like a wild horse running through the fields

10/22/09 11:16 pm - blah blah


i’ve only realised a few days ago that the letter ‘g’s on the train for the stops are all capitals!

green grass, blue skies

couples making out on the grass

that’s when you know spring is really here

she’s late this year

But she never fails

10/18/09 09:26 pm - God is never far.

Think not that God

is something distant,

but seek for Him

in your own hearts;

for the heart

is the abode of God.

- Kyuso


i always tend to lose focus on things that i cannot see. i want to be on track and stop losing myself in this temporary world.

10/15/09 11:40 pm - Rainy day


“ magdalene! magdalene!” i can hear my name being whispered.

being the light sleeper i am, i was aroused from my sleep without a doubt.

“ What?” i would ask and get no answer.

This was what my younger always did when it rained at night. especially when it was a thunderstorm. He would wake me up and then go back to sleep leaving me wide awake on my bed.


I miss this. seriously, i miss my brother being afraid of everything. my sister always coming home late. But i don’t miss my sis and my parents fighting though. i miss my father asking me what i want for breakfast the next day. i miss waking up and seeing all of them safe and sound and alive. i miss them. i miss them so. i miss them when i’m sick. i miss their care, i miss their love.

10/11/09 11:52 pm - Sometimes i think


Whatever it is, i really think i’m freaking stressing out

A tear, A breath

the pain, the rush.

My heart is pounding, it cannot rest

it just races faster and faster

everything is just drawing closer

everybody is just getting further

what i feared

is just all coming back.



i heard my heart once told me she was happy

But today she told me she was bleeding

bleeding for me.

I once heard time tell me he was satisfied

But today he scolded me for wasting him

wasting him for nothing.

i once told God i’ll follow Him forever

But i went astray

But i want to follow Him forever still

I heard myself begging Him to help me.

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