magchai (magchai) wrote,

Rainy day


“ magdalene! magdalene!” i can hear my name being whispered.

being the light sleeper i am, i was aroused from my sleep without a doubt.

“ What?” i would ask and get no answer.

This was what my younger always did when it rained at night. especially when it was a thunderstorm. He would wake me up and then go back to sleep leaving me wide awake on my bed.


I miss this. seriously, i miss my brother being afraid of everything. my sister always coming home late. But i don’t miss my sis and my parents fighting though. i miss my father asking me what i want for breakfast the next day. i miss waking up and seeing all of them safe and sound and alive. i miss them. i miss them so. i miss them when i’m sick. i miss their care, i miss their love.

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