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Every single word

With God

10/8/09 07:38 pm - it just grows


Everything kept within

things left unsaid

things felt left unexpressed

it just grows

eating on every single thing in you

your strength, thoughts, life

your friends, your family

everyone around you

just give it up

don’t think about it

stop feeding the monster

but grow in spirit and in truth

meditate on things above

things not seen

but substance felt

that is faith

just like a seed

that grows into a large tree

with proper care.

He is always there.

10/8/09 12:16 am - It drags on

as always, life is just going on

i asked for a break it just goes on

i asked for it to stop for a while

but i was afraid it won’t go on after

i just want to make use of it well

not wanting to regret

i need help

my heart hurts

my head hurts

but does it really matter?

i’m not doing what i want

i’m just doing what i have to

9/28/09 12:51 am - HA

to some, life is short.
but to some, life is a bit far too long
it doesnt matter, does it?
as long as you live it right

recently i witnessed a bus car accident
it was bloody

and dj koo, u are ultra hot!

9/8/09 11:28 am

ahh. i hate it when ppl's past mistakes are brought up.
especaily when it's make that person feel so sad and sorry and depressed.
bye jaebum from 2pm. i really do pity you...

i'm just so tired now. i think i'm crashing like an airplane.
i hope i crash into water and not on land...

8/26/09 11:51 pm - Hur hur

i’m goin crazy

ask ming ming. she knows it well


visit my photoblog! http://heartphotos.wordpress.com/

ahhh. stress. really stress.

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